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The Phone Phreaks were men and women of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s who obsessively explored — even infested — the telephone system to understand how it worked.

As historian Phil Lapsley writes, “They listened to the clicks and clunks and beeps and boops to figure out how calls were routed.

I asked him if he had hobbies — a dreadful question, I know.

Like his idols, he said, he liked to experiment and code.

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Once finished, Sean ran two rather mischievous programs. A man would send a message thinking he was talking to Haley — he saw her pictures and profile — and instead another dude would receive the message, which, again, would appear to be coming from Haley.Over drinks, he told me that he had grown up poor in rural Michigan and that hacking in the early days of the internet had saved him.He moved to the Bay Area after high school, hoping to be near his tech idols, the “Phone Phreaks” he’d read about on the internet.And he was wasting too much of his time watching it. One Twitter bot that especially inspired Sean used as its dictionary. To top it, he concluded, he’d have to turn to Tinder, that cesspool of lust and loneliness and hope.(“Advanced, and Ahab, putting out his hand clasps my hand, he tugs my earlobe, rhythmically. His friend group was constantly discussing first messages and pick-up lines, like His plan was to hoard first pick-up lines sent to someone like Haley’s account and then to program a Twitter bot to use that material to algorithmically generate new lines.

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