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In the southern region, most people engage in agriculture and livestock raising.

The people in the south are settled black African farmers, whereas in the north the people have a nomadic lifestyle.

The Maurs include the Arab-Berbers (Beydan) and the black Maurs known as Haratin.

The Haratins are black Africans who were enslaved by white Maurs.

As a result, the country has two main ethnic groups: black Africans and Arab-Berbers.

The black African group includes the Fulani, Soninke, and Bambara.

The most important common denominator is Sunni Islam. Mauritania encompasses 400,385 square miles (1,037,000 square kilometers), more than three quarters of which is made up of the Sahara desert and the semiarid Sahelian zone.Religious leaders and people from immigrant families symbolize power, intelligence, respect, and holiness.There are three important religious brotherhoods and subsects whose leaders symbolize supernatural knowledge and insight: the Tjjaniya, Qadriya, and Hamaliya. Ancestors are honored, and cemeteries are respected and feared.Mauritania is an Islamic republic whose basic law is the sharia, and the flag (green with a yellow crescent and stars) symbolizes Islam.Mauritanians believe that they have a mission to promote Islam and Islamic values throughout black Africa, and most symbols are linked to Islam.

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