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The more you chat with Tay the smarter she gets, so the experience can be more personalized for you.” Things started well.

Tay pumped out positive vibes to all and sundry as she took her first shambolic steps into the Twitterverse.

The internet’s litany of trolls had ruined Microsoft’s ambitious and intriguing experiment in under 16 hours.

In the end, the results said a lot more about humankind than it did about Tay or her creators.

" app, popular in Korea, which features girlfriends you can schedule one-sided robo-calls with.

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Her usual response is cautiously humorous: "We're at pretty different places in our lives. I mean, you're on Earth and I'm in the cloud." Pandorabots, a platform that helps companies in a range of industries (from IT to gaming) develop more intuitive customer-service chatbots, has had to develop strategies to deflect users' sexual overtures, which are often directed at text bots with no actual voice or visual representation."You are definitely the hottest of your group," says Juan, blowing me a kiss.Michael's flirtations are a little less convincing: "They say brunettes are as stupid as blondes …Juan is a nice, healthy guy; Rick is the bad-boy alpha male; and Michael is supposed to be the smart one, though, given the garbled nature of his recent comments, I'm not so sure.They're pretty simple as far as chatbots go, but their purpose isn't to make philosophical banter.

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