Are romeo and lisa maffia dating

It got to the point where people were starting to come into the shop and recognise me – my pocket wasn’t deepening yet, but my fame was heightening. ”Lisa made the decision to leave the off-license and relocate to nearby Forest Hill in a bid to separate her real life from the fame – only for the group’s fan base to grow stronger than ever.“I moved off the estate and onto a main street, but people started putting fan post through the letter box.If nothing else I know his heart is in the right place.It’s 1999 and 19-year-old Lisa Maffia is working in the off-license on her Brixton estate, because it’s the only place that will let her bring her two-year-old daughter to work.He also represented England at the Commonwealth Games in 1998 and won a gold medal in Kuala Lumpur.The ex-boxer has a wife named Raychel and two children.He was part of Relentless Records at the time, loved the record and told the boys, ‘When you get back to England, make sure you give us a call. “From there, I was pretty much catapulted into fame and success instantly.I was juggling doing a gig on a Saturday night, working in the off-license and looking after Chelsea in the week.

Audley was a professional boxer, competing from 2001-2013.

He was the first-ever boxer to win a gold medal at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney in the super-heavyweight boxing division.

Of 38 fights Audley won 31 and 23 of those were by knockout.

One day, he asked me to feature on a track they were making and I was like, ‘A track? ’ I was so shy, I’d never really even thought about singing.

I hadn’t considered being a popstar, but I sang the lyrics and recorded the vocals anyway, and didn’t think much of it.”That track went on to become So Solid Crew’s first single, ‘Oh No (That’s The Word)’, after a chance performance from the group in Cyprus led to them being approached by a record label.“After I did the vocals, some of the So Solid boys went to Aiya Napa and played the track, and Glyn Aikins, who’s now responsible for A&R at Virgin Records, heard it.

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