Are scott michael foster and laura prepon still dating

“Of course, he totally thinks that’s great, that’s the way it should be, which is very different from Casey’s idea of what the future holds for them.” The cameras and lights were being broken down around us, turning a quiet and secluded spot into a building zone.

My family and I all went out to Possum Kingdom Lake that next day to eat at a restaurant that we love called Wild Catter Ranch in west Texas.

“Casey’s always been very driven, very focused on the future, but Cappie loves college and loves being in Kappa Tau, so it’s hard for him to be on the same wavelength as she is.” As well as facing hurdles in regards to their future, Casey has to face one particular, dreaded moment that comes in every couple’s lives; meeting her partner’s parents.

“They’re they’re kind of these really hippie, hippie people who are free loving and never really got married and [Casey] finds out that they’re just the same as Cappie,” Grammer noted during a break from filming.

” she laughed, but still managed to answer every question with grace.

Foster was full of praise for his on-screen parents, played by ‘Caroline in the City’ star Lea Thompson and Jim Abele, who descend on CRU to help Casey and Cappie with their relationship troubles — via a camping trip!

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