Are the williams sisters dating anyone

At the academy, Rick saw great potentials in the two sisters and opted for extra coaching so that they can enhance their skills.

However, at 11 years of age, Venus participated in the United States Tennis Association tour where she ranked No 1 among the under-12 players from Southern California.

After their divorce, Williams got remarried to a 38-year-old lady named Lakeisha in 2010.

The marriage, however, lasted for seven years before they separated due to series of issues that evolved in the marriage. According to Dailymail, the issues that led to their divorce include an allegation that his young wife Lakeisha was an alcoholic who wanted to transfer his properties to her name with forged documents.

As a matter of fact, their father had no experience in the game of tennis but he was able to read books and watched videos in order to guide them on the court.

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In the Doubles, the Williams sisters Venus and Serena have participated in 14 women doubles competition and won all the 14 titles.Everyone has always wondered if she is married or not and who her husband is…well, sorry to shock you but the iconic player isn’t married yet and doesn’t have a husband yet though she is in a relationship with wealthy financier named Nicholas Hammond.Previously, Venus has dated a Cuban model named Elio Pis whom she met when he modelled for Ele Ven Fashion line in 2012.After their divorce, William got custody of their son and they both live in the West Palm Beach.Check Out: Shaquille O’Neal Wife, Girlfriend, Son And Kids I know this question has been on the mind of many fans that follow news about Venus closely.

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