Ashanti dating irv gotti

Insult got added to injury in 2005, when Irv and The Inc. He’s the first one that said “It’s Murda,” with “Holla Holla” and launched my label. Irv Gotti: I have a new artist named News, he gives me the same feeling that I had with X, that I’m about to unleash to the world.

Now 50′s beefed with a ton of people, but with no “real issues” but with you and Ja he makes it clear that you three could never be friends. Irv Gotti: Unlike other rappers, we’ve had physical altercations with this guy. So, it’s deeper than just words with me and him and Ja and him. Do you think that your association with Supreme has a lot to do with it as well? was “Uh Oh” the secret weapon that you guys were talking about? The conversation I had with Ja wasn’t a Ja Rule conversation; I was explaining to him from the state of the music business that we’re in. They’re patting her big old ass to get up out of here.

Is it fair to say your relationship with Ashanti isn’t as strong as it once was? You’re trying to get off the label and you’re saying things like “I don’t want to be a part of this.” All right, cool, but you’re still under contract, so what can I do?

But the evils of the business come in and the next thing you know, it’s torn apart.

He’s at it again.” That’s the thing about the music business that’s so interesting. In the music business, we are in the say it again business. So you’re not with the bullshit “I just want to put good music outv answer; you want the overwhelming success that you once had with Ja? I understand exactly how you feel, because I feel the same way.

I think people were told her “You’re looking crazy if you don’t support this guy.” I think someone told her she needed to come. Once that happens, it’s like “Wow, this dude is back up there with another act. If you invent something, you can live off that invention for the rest of your life. I’ll probably do a season two, because they’re already asking me. They were hoping on getting five or six hundred thousand viewers, I’m averaging over two million viewers a week and it’s growing. They keep asking me “Yo, the ratings are great.” It’s crazy.

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