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It has extensive "Irish characters" impressed in its base.

Having had the opportunity to inspect and photograph this item at the V&A along with Bev and Chris Marvell, it is clear that it is a very unusual piece.) UK Belleek Collectors’ Group Newsletter 32/1 April 2011 4.

Just before publication of this article, I had the opportunity to inspect these items in detail as it was discovered that they now mostly reside in the "study collection" at the Victoria and Albert museum, having been transferred there from the Museum of Practical Geology in 1901.

The above catalogue list is a special selection of the earliest designs mainly based on seashells.It is speculative but there does seem to be a pattern and that the colour referred to the body of the piece and when it was made…but it is not that simple as what the colours referred to changed as the pottery became more established.It appears the first colour was the true blue mark and then a red colour on parian which may refer to the yellowish glaze and high lustre glaze found on such pieces.This leads to considering as to whether they are in fact of Irish origin whilst still accepting this is as they are described.What is clear is that the potter’s marks and all impressed marks were made with forethought as the mould was being made but the different coloured backstamps seem to refer to a type of decoration or glaze after the piece had been fired.

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