Best airlines for accomodating disabilities

In this instance, planners should also contact parents — especially if the children embarking on the trip are under 18 — to discuss the kinds of medications that their loved ones are required to take regularly.

Planners should coordinate schedules with students so everyone is on the same page about dosages and how often medication should be taken.

Each student should have the opportunity to participate in school activities on the trip.

One way to get a sense of what students are interested in doing is to survey them for suggestions. Once you get some ideas, then you can have a more private conversation with your special needs student to ensure that they can comfortably engage in each activity.

While you should pay keen attention to their needs, you should still treat everyone equally and provide assistance to other students as well.

With travel expenses and accommodations sorted out, you are now ready to search for places to stay.

The worst thing a student planner can do is schedule a variety of activities that everyone – except for the student with a disability – can participate in.Chances are that hotels will offer you and your pupils a discount rate, but another way to further reduce costs is to group students into rooms.It is normal to place between two to four students in rooms.Of course, you’ll want to visit airline websites with affordable flying options, like Delta or Southwest Airlines.After finding affordable rates, call the airports and the airline to discuss the flight services that your student requires.

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