Black nerd dating

Seeing a nerdy girl show you why she loves the things she does is just breathtaking.

#3 She hones her intellectual skills on a regular basis.

If your girl can defend her stance, you’re basically screwed until you prove otherwise. Even though your girl is nerdy, it is not the only thing that defines her.

Just remember you can probably win the fight with cuddles and hugs. Ease up on the stereotypical jokes and maybe you can survive this relationship.

For the purpose of this feature, let’s define what a nerd is.

The original definition states a nerd is a derogatory term aimed at someone who is highly intellectual, socially inept and physically unattractive.

Oh, did we mention this means she’s open to trying lots of new things in and out of the bedroom? Being passionate about your job means being fixated on your work sometimes.

[Read: 20 new things you need to try in bed at least once with your lover] #9 She is intuitive. Most of the time, you won’t be bothered by baseless ruminations from your SO because she’ll probably have hard evidence if you did anything wrong. Lovable, adorable, and most likely ready to love you with all of her heart. This will require a little bit of understanding on your part. You can expect her to match her passion for her job with her interests.

Welcome to our reviews of the black nerd dating (also known as cute girl names with meanings).

She didn’t get to nerdy status because she accepted what was given to her in school.

She went out there and looked for other stuff to learn.

Cons of dating a nerdy girl As lovely as it sounds, dating a nerdy girl takes some work as well. Sometimes you’ll have to use a crowbar to pry her away from her hobbies, but you can also join her if all else fails.

#3 She might be defensive about her work and interests at times.

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