Bret michaels and taya dating

Bret Michaels: A couple of the girls who were extremely intelligent and funny, at first, just were sort of living out what they thought I wanted, so I made a speech. I take her on this amazing date and on the way back in the limo we're sitting there talking and we're sort of connected, but not completely. Please don't take, like, an hour and a half shower to prepare to do it." Did you sleep with some of the women on the show? There was a lot of sex involved but… No comment means yes. Bret Michaels: Just let me say "no comment." I've always wanted to say that. I cannot have had sex with any of these girls prior.

The next thing that happens is [the producers] say, "We're putting the thirty girls on the wall. " I looked and said, "Well yeah, I've partied with her before." And they said, "Well she says she's never met you." So I said, "Ok look at this picture on My Space.

Never mind the ghosts in the house, there is something far worse that takes an interest in them…

a cannibalistic clown named Crepitus.”Crepitus is set for release on October 15th.

The newly single rock star and father of two was game, on the condition that he could do the show on his own terms.

Extreme sports, rock music and plenty of debauchery are incorporated into Rock of Love.

And eventually it gets down to where there's only four or five of you left, and that's your band. You could tell which were conservative, who were sexy, who were slutty, and who completely wanted nothing to do with me. Bret Michaels: Yeah and there's going to be some girls, that even if they would have liked me, they're just going to be turned off by the craziness going on and by the lifestyle. Some form of common sense, and an ability to be very driven.

She tried and tried, but never went back to the other side. Bret Michaels: What you're saying about what girls are looking for, I think that if a guy is a likeable good hearted bad boy, who also can be creative and driven and spontaneous… in other words, girls talk about a bad boy, but they don't want a guy that hits them. They're looking for a guy that's got something going on, but he lives outside the box. Bret Michaels: We like the loveable bad boy (laughs). But the reason I bring up this point is because in those promo clips for Rock of Love, there were these girls who were hanging all over you and they didn't seem too intelligent. That was a painful moment, but the reason I loved it is because I think people will understand that no matter where you are in life, rock star or not, the same shit happens. You may meet more people, but the same emotions play in. Because the more people in the public eye who I interview and speak to, on a human level, the more I realize that there's no magic carpet ride. Bret Michaels: That is one of the best comments ever. This is what I've done for twenty years, so they know what they're getting into. How did 51 Minds (the show's producers) and VH1 choose the twenty-five girls for the show, and where did they find them?

If they were, then they were hiding it, because they're trying to fit into this category that they think you like. I don't care." And a couple of girls, and this is no lie… I had one of the girls that I was really head over heals for, and you know when you start to sniff out that something's wrong? I can handle rejection." Not well, and I may cry later, but not on TV (laughs). When [women] get around me, the one good quality I have in most of my relationships, well two qualities, is that I'm a good listener and I love sex. If it's going to happen, let it just happen no matter if it's on a table, a chair, the floor, or the bed. Bret Michaels: They went to every city looking for girls who wanted to be on a rock dating show with Bret Michaels. What happened is, the premise is that I cannot have known or have partied with any of them.

The formula is simple… one blonde, blue eyed rock star plus twenty-five beautiful and willing women all shacked up in the Hollywood Hills… and the alcoholic beverages flow like water. First and foremost I love rock music in all its forms! I like good melody and that's where my connection to country is.

For my experience, Bret Michaels is a wonderful guy who displays a genuine down to earth nature. Poison is out all summer long until September 3rd in Atlanta at the Hi Fi Buys Amphitheatre. Since you mentioned Nashville, in my research I noticed that although you're a rock musician there's a strong country music connection in there. When I grew up, my father was a huge country music fan. When I was growing up my mom was big into a lot of what I call hippie folk-esque music, [like] James Taylor. I take four or five [insulin] injections, and that will be part of my everyday life.

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