Call me maybe business cards take dating world by storm

So, besides the shoes (see below), look to see if the story disappears within 24 hours, because the ones being suppressed are the real events, with the manufactured events being the ones repeated over and over and over again.Shoes in Staged Deceptions and False Flags as Both Calling Cards and Black Magik | Winter Watch When I first visited Stormfront last summer it was the day of UTR II in Washington, DC.I was living apart from this world of conformist zombies, and became a baptized Christian so that if a mob comes to kill all the Jews I can truthfully hold up my Celtic Cross and say don't kill me I'm a Christian.

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From participating on those telephone conference calls I came to know Red of Texas and was beginning to hear from Mer of Wisconsin and we were starting to have some interesting conversations.This was going on long before the CIA came up with the derogatory epithet "conspiracy theorist" with Joe Mc Carthy and Father Coughlin being accused of paranoia "seeing a Red under every bed" when in fact the jewish Soviet spies were working in government offices some of them with high security clearances.I worked in science and found a new truth in a small specific area of knowledge, and that new truth exposed the accepted consensus opinion as being based on a flimsy lie.By way of Winter Watch, the bread crumbs led me to The Last American Vagabond which has an active Discord server, if your scroll down the page it's on the left near the bottom. No, Darling, i don't wear a tin-foil hat, but I did make a sign for the front of my house saying "Which Lie is Biggest: Holocaust, JFK, or 9/11? Because Stormfront is the only place I know of with intelligent humans who will read my scrivenings and (hopefully) respond in a civil manner.(And to the person who flattered me with imitation, come out from behind the curtain because it's against the SF posting rules to use multiple accounts.) Maybe there are other such places on the internet, but i gave up a long time ago on what seemed to be a Don Quixote'ish quest to find people who aren't brainwashed by the amorphous new Ministry of Truth of our jew-controlled mass media, K-12 through university to post-graduate Marxist academia/indoctrination, official histories, consensus opinions, etc. It seems that everyone is brainwashed by the jew except for me.

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