Configuration options available updating os windows xp

Choose how updates are delivered: These options, if you see them, allow you to enable or disable the downloading, as well as the uploading, of Windows Update related files around your local network or even the entire internet.

Participating in the Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them: With this option, Windows Update will check for and notify you of available updates but you'll need to manually approve the download and installation of them.

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Allow all users to install updates on this computer: Check this if you have other, non-administrator accounts on your computer that actually get used. However, even when unchecked, updates installed by an administrator will still get applied to those user accounts, they just won't be able to install them.

Alternatively, if you have an old XP license lying around, you can use it to register this installation.

b) If your Windows 8/8.1 or 10 does not include Hyper-V (test that by doing step 4 below - the Home editions for instance don't include Hyper-V), then you won't be able to do this tutorial.

Turn off Automatic Updates: This option completely disables Windows Update in Windows XP.

You won't even be told that updates are available.

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