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Without them, investors would not have an idea of how well an enterprise as a whole is faring.GAAP dictates when and how companies should consolidate and whether certain entities need to be consolidated.Thus, it is important to note that entities in which a company owns only a minority interest do not often need to be consolidated.For instance, if Company XYZ owned only 5% of Company A, it probably would not have to consolidate Company A's financial statements with its own.Thus, an investor looking solely at Company XYZ's holding company financial statements could easily get a misleading view of the entity's performance.However, if Company XYZ wants to consolidate its financial statements -- that is, it essentially "adds" the income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements of XYZ and the four subsidiaries together -- the results give a better picture of the Company XYZ enterprise as a whole.Each of the four companies pays royalties and other fees to Company XYZ.At the end of the year, Company XYZ's income statement might reflect a large amount of royalties and fees and very few expenses (because these are recorded on the subsidiary income statements).

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In the real world, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) require companies to eliminate intercompany transactions when the consolidate their financial statements (that is, they must exclude movements of cash, revenue, assets or liabilities from one entity to another) so as not to double count.

People point to that event as the launch of Socialism and the Soviet Union, and while it was definitely the catalyst, the actual consolidation and creation of the Soviet Union took place over DECADES as first Lenin, then Stalin, then Krushchev, then Brezhnev gradually disbanded other political organizations, or shifted actual power from organizations, rendering them figureheads, until eventually virtually all actual decision making rested with the Politburo.

Consolidating power is not a quick process, but it is one that can happen behind the scenes, and can make it possible for one or two politicians to effectively control an entire government gradually, frequently without anyone else being the wiser until it’s too late.

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