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For subsites and microsites especially, it is essential that users know which university they’re looking at.Microsoft marked a turning point for Windows 10 with the Creators Update; while there were no earth-shattering upgrades included, it’s feeling much more like a mature OS version, particularly with its new privacy controls, Game Mode, and upgraded Edge browser.Both have happened much faster than predicted by climate models, and observed Arctic ..., two of the most recognized self labeling organizations.Let’s take a look at some of the best hidden features, tips, and tricks in the operating system.

In any case, it's an empirical fact derived from observing many prospective students using many university sites that these users are often frustrated or thwarted by the frequent usability problems on university sites.The sad conclusion from our research is that most of these sites rank far below the usability levels expected on today's Internet.In preparation for our report on university websites, we tested 57 university sites with 33 users (aged 16 to 68) in the United States, Canada, UK, and Taiwan. Well, even though you want high-IQ applicants, prospective undergraduate students haven't received the benefits of a college education yet and often have fairly poor research skills.Universities that prioritize a good user experience leverage the website to contribute to larger institutional goals and see a clear return on investment.Based on our usability testing, the guidelines in this article can substantially improve the user experience on most college and university sites.

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