Dads dealing with dating teenage daughters

Be a safe, loving man and let them feel comfortable with your physical presence.” Tara shared, “I couldn’t discern that just because someone wants to sleep with you doesn’t mean they love you. ” TK was so frustrated—“It’s never good enough for him.I associated physical touch with love because I craved warmth and affection.”Your consistent and thoughtful support can help your daughter develop a solid sense of self-worth, while frequent criticism can set the stage for a life of self-doubt. I still find myself doing things for my dad’s approval.”Contrast their experiences with Amy’s.

And, hopefully, they will honor you and trust you enough to follow your lead.Avoid statements like, “John is always selfish and controlling with you,” even if you know it’s true.Your child will shut down if you start by attacking their friend.If you do find yourself in this situation, it’s important to recognize the fine line between giving your child direction and imposing demands.So here are 4 ways to direct your teen or adult child when you don’t approve of a friend or dating relationship they are pursuing.

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