Dating a blind woman

One of my childhood best friends was married, this past summer, and I (27M) was invited to be a groomsman.

I served as escort to the bride's sister (29F) -- beautiful girl, wonderful person, amazing personality, blind.

Tell her you have had some things on your mind now that you've been seeing each other for awhile and have an open discussion about some of these things.

She is the only one who'd be able to tell you what her expectations might be or what she wants from a relationship. I wouldn't exactly know what to label it, tbh.

You can't conceptualize how being with someone who as blind might mean things had to be done differently?

Many people who are blind have all kinds of accommodations to help them manage in daily life..same would be true in a relationship and in their roles as a spouse and a parent - some things will have to be different.

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Which makes it difficult to address certain issues.

It was a shock to be pursued by someone, under other circumstances, I probably stood little chance with. Despite her disability and mild dependence on others, she's otherwise, a very self-sufficient person. She owns a small service company, which is unspeakably cool. She's been blind from birth, and we've been dating for something like a year. But there are so many that we can do together, more than two people could ever do in a lifetime. You'll need to learn how to work with her, when her disability is relevant.

Our dates began simply as me going to her house, where she lives with her parents, and is dependent on, to a certain degree. At the moment, I am given pause, because I find myself at a juncture where I should make a decision concerning my future with her. Also, what's expected of me, if our relationship gets serious? She's fantastic, and I never had any hesitation or regrets. For the most part, it's not relevant, or a hindrance.

Your perspective that you can't even imagine what possibly could be different is a false sense of being open minded.

Open minded doesn't mean you ignore differences or pretend they don't exist.

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