Dating a kenyan man in america

Again, 50 per cent of the men polled preferred a woman who works part-time while 39 per cent were fine with women who worked full time.Just 11 per cent wanted women who did not work at all.The sample is part of a 2,800 population for a larger survey.Across all the clusters, majority believed that the best time to marry was between the ages of 26 and 35, indicating a shift of accent to completing education and settling into a career first before marriage.Another 11 per cent would like her family to be very involved and 10 per cent said it did not matter.On complexion, Kenyan men who like chocolate brown women was 47 per cent, medium brown 36 per cent while those who prefer the dark are 11 per cent.Most Kenyan men also want their ideal woman younger than them, shorter than them and earning less money than what they make.Even then, they are willing to let her share in making financial decisions but few would brook her family’s deep involvement in their relationship.

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Only 17 per cent are comfortable making all the financial decisions on their own, against four per cent who would leave financial decision-making to the woman. Although women like to think that men are all the same, age seems to make them as different as day and night.Kenyan men also prefer a woman who has the same level of education as they do, and expect to share domestic chores equally with them.The survey, conducted by Infotrak Research & Consulting and Harris Interactive Global across the country’s eight provinces in the last week of July, sampled 1,200 single, married, separated and divorced men as well as those living with a partner.Few men prefer a woman with two children (three per cent) and even fewer (two per cent) would like her if she had three or more.Only nine per cent of the men in the survey prefer a woman with more education than them, but the highest number (45 per cent) would like someone with whom they are at par.

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