Dating a nonchristian chinese girl

That's a maximum of 500 million available single Christian men.Unless all 500 million of them are seriously seeking a Chinese lifemate there would seem to be lots of eligible Chinese women to go around.The first consideration is that China is largely devoid of religion and Christians in China are a small minority out of the whole. Wikipedia says "According to recent studies, there are roughly 54 million Christians in China, of which 39 million are Protestants and 14 million are Roman Catholics...", while on the low extreme the Government of China indicates the number is more like 14 million in total and other sources reach 130 million on the high extreme.All I can tell you is that I have met approximately 300 Chinese in 7 years that I came to know well enough to know if they were Christian and I can count among them 2 who have adopted that particular faith.

Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . In total then we have about 475 million Chinese women who either are Christian or are not necessarily against becoming Christian.According to there are a total of roughly 2 billion Christians in the world."Don't try to change who you are, "Cribbs states."In the long run, it won't be healthy for your relationship.

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