Dating a reclusive person

You don't need to get married, but you do want to be part of a team. Focusing on one extra person at a time might make it easier for him to get comfortable and bond.

You mention the kid thing, too, and that seems to be a bigger issue.

He is not antisocial from a personality standpoint – he has an engaging and bright personality – but he participates very sparingly in family events.

We spend most of our time one-on-one; he does not like to go out much, hates crowds, etc.

While I’ve managed to see my friends with almost the exact same frequency as I did prior to Boyfriend a lot of that has to do with the fact that my friends love him and he loves them.

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I never know if he will say yes to my family invitations.I'm a woman in my 30s with two elementary-age children from a previous marriage.I've been in a steady relationship with my partner for the past two years.It might be that we are still working on ourselves to be ready to date again. I understand the benefits of it, I even have a mental list of all of it to remind myself sometimes.It might be that we know exactly what we want or who we want but the stars just haven’t yet aligned to get us there. I also understand why it is better to be single than being in a bad relationship.

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