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Numerous rule changes and rule tweaks have changed the game, enabling passers to put up big numbers and let offenses score at will.

As a result, quarterbacks are the highest paid NFL players, with those most entrusted in protecting the QB’s blind side (left tackles) and those with the most important role in stopping the opponent’s forward pass (elite pass-rushers) not far behind.

You have the #5 Badgers at 5-0, the reigning Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers as one of the NFL’s two undefeated teams (the Detroit Lions are the other), and the Milwaukee Brewers about to eliminate the Arizona Diamondbacks in their NLDS series.

Sure, the Bucks are still a train wreck, but the NBA is on lockout, so we won’t really see that.

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And as usual, every time Aaron Rodgers is on national television, I look at this site’s traffic stats and I see two phrases “Aaron Rodgers Gay” and “Is Aaron Rodgers Gay? During the postseason these search numbers increased, peaking when the Green Bay Packers were in the Super Bowl; of course.

They accumulate and average the rankings from 8 major media power rankings and the findings show that the Upper Midwest is ruling football right now.

Yes, it’s just week one, and power rankings are extremely subjective in nature- but the NFC North had the most impressive showing in the rankings thus far. The only other division that came even close was the AFC East.

As long as the offense carries the load for the defense, like earlier today in the win over the San Diego Chargers. [Read more…] Follow paulmbanks Tagged With: Aaron Rodgers, aaron rodgers brother, aaron rodgers brother vanderbilt, aaron rodgers gay, aaron rodgers green bay, Aaron Rodgers MVP, Green Bay offense, Green Bay Packers, Green Bay undefeated, Green Bay undefeated season, jordan rodgers, jordan rodgers qb, jordan rodgers vanderbilt, packers, Packers Aaron Rodgers, Packers beat Chargers, Packers defense, Packers defense terrible, Packers offense, Packers recap, Packers records, Packers undefeated, Packers undefeated season, vanderbilt football, vanderbilt qb, vandy football Last year, sports fans in America’s Dairyland probably thought things were as good as they could possibly get.

But 2011 is looking a whole ‘nother level can be reached.

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