Dating and depression ladysohappy datingpod

Depression is a serious thing that should be addressed, but through therapy, support groups, and friends and family.

There are so many things you just need to do and so many things that you just do not need to do while dating a woman with depression.

Always remember no woman is the same so don’t always treat them all the same.

No one’s depression is the same, which means some may need different treatment to treat their symptoms or for a complete change with their illness.

Depressed partners are prone to paranoia and jealousy.Ultimately, there is an unspoken rule in the dating world that says don’t go out there if you’re still broken, and need patching up.You can’t use new relationships to patch you up—you often just wind up breaking the other in, your preexisting network of friends and family.Your support system, that you’ve already built, is meant to be there for you when you need a little extra help.

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