Dating celestion g12t 75

Completely re-painting and using new front mounting gaskets were contemplated. If shipping rate offered shows as UPS then it will actually go via FED EX and come with 0 free insurance. This speaker is very similar to the tone produced in the Marshall 1960 cabs of the late Sixties with the 100 watt logo. The speaker will arrive double boxed and well packed to ensure its safety in transport. No reserve-Read my feedback, and bid with Confidence! INSP 11(inspector code) CONDITION: Cosmetically quite good. NO cleaning attempts have been made, left to buyer's discretion. several mono/stereo wiring configurations as pairs and as a full quad were tested at several wiring/load options and performed MAGNIFICENTLY. The original cones are in pretty rough shape, and have been poorly patched.But after some thought, it was decided to keep them as-is for authenticity, if those front gaskets could talk the stories they might tell. Items showing us USPS(Post Office) do not come with any insurance. Shipping is a flate rate of .00 with insurance within the continental USA. 30 watt(H75-8 or 16) 65 watt(H75-8HP or 16HP) power handling, 100db, 8 or 16 ohm versions available. Here on auction is an incredible matched pair of Rola Celestion G12 30 Speakers in excellent condition. genuine made in UK at DITTON WORKS- FOXHALL ROAD IPSWICH SUFFOLK. these are the CLASSIC sound of the late 70's/ early 80's English made Celestion speakers. Speakers marked 15 ohm impedance(equivalent of modern 16) 2712 on back of cone. the rims have some marks and staining but still quite good. these speakers have obviously been used over the years but well cared for. THE CLASSIC CHIMING CLEAN TO GRIT WAS REPRODUCED PURE AND TRUE. This auction is for a late 1970s Rola Celestion Black Back(Greenback) This particular version of the greenback was issued with a black magnet cover. These speakers are well known for their use by Eddie Van Halen, and represent an important chapter of Celestion history. The original cones are all Pulsonics and rated at 75Hz.

The voice coil gap was also cleaned and a new dust cover was installed afterwards. Please ask your questions before you bid to insure no confusion or assumptions. Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Asia, and will only except a Pay Pal payment from these countries. All Customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer. This is a great rare speaker with the larger H magnet and since they are 8 ohms a pair in a 2x12 cab can be brought up to 16 ohms for marshall type amps or down to 4 ohms for fenders such as bassmans or bandmasters. Ask questions in advance If you have 0 feedback you must contact me prior to bidding. If you would like to protect yourself from this loss please ask to pay a little extra for insurance. However from time to time carriers will abuse a package or simply lose a package.10 Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm Thd Hot Plate 2 Button Footswitch Channel Accutronics Reverb Tank Celestion G12t-75 16 Ohm Thd Hot Plate Power Attenuator Celestion Heritage Amp 2 Button Footswitch Ohm Power Attenuator 16 Ohm Made In England Peavey Remote Ohm Ln Weber Mass Eminence Alnico Eminence Red 16 Ohm 75 Eminence Patriot Accutronics Spring Reverb 12 Guitar Speaker 8 Ohms Eminence Speaker 10 Jensen C12n Alnico Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm Eminence Legend Fender 2 Button 8 Ohm Made In England Button Footswitch Pedal Greenback 12 Fender Transformer 12 8 Ohm Guitar Amp Spring Reverb Tank 8 Ohm 30 Watt Celestion G12m 25 2 Button Foot Switch Celestion G12t-75 Speaker Guitar Speaker Made In England Amp Footswitch Pedal 12 Speaker 16Ohm 12 50W Attenuator 8 Ohm Ohm Guitar Amplifier Celestion Vintage 30 G12 Celestion Seventy 80 Tone Tubby Jensen P10r Reverb Pan Weber Alnico Watt Alnico Fender 10 Speaker G12h 30 Ohm Uk Fender Reverb Tank Celestion Alnico Guitar Speaker 16Ohm Celestion G12h 30 Speaker Attenuator Amp Attenuator Celestion G10 Vintage 30 8 Ohm Single Button Footswitch Vintage 30 12 Speaker 4 Button Footswitch Celestion G12m Greenback Greenback Speaker Warehouse Guitar Speaker Fender Amp Logo 50W Guitar Speaker G12h Anniversary Speaker 50 Watt Celestion 10 3 Button Footswitch Footswitch Foot Switch G12m Greenback Amplifier Handle Amplifier Attenuator Marshall Transformer Inch Guitar Amp Speaker Speaker 12 Inch 8 Ohm Jensen C10q Watt Greenback Celestion G12-65 Ohm 50W Fender Eminence 12 Alnico Guitar Speaker Celestion G12h Jensen C12n 12 10 Alnico Speaker Seventy 80 Amp Badge 30 16 Ohm Guitar Speaker 8 Ohms 10 Inch Guitar Speaker 25 Watt Guitar Amplifier Foot Eminence 10 Celestion G12m-70 Celestion Vintage 30 12 Guitar Speaker 16 Ohms 50 Watt 8 Ohm Foot Switch Channel Gibbs Reverb Celestion G12t-75 Button Foot Switch Alnico Blue Remote Footswitch Marshall Footswitch 12 16Ohm 12 Inch 16 Ohm Watt 8 Ohm Guitar Power Soak Celestion G12h30 Fender Oxford Series Guitar Speaker G12h 30W Amplifier Logo Eminence Red Coat Celestion G12p-80 Button Amplifier Groove Tube Jbl D120f Fender Grill Cloth Amp Grill 12 Inch Guitar Speaker Vibrato Reverb Speaker 30 Watt Amplifier Foot Switch Marshall 2 Button Footswitch 12 Guitar Amplifier Speaker Amp Emblem Watt Made In England Celestion Greenback Oxford Speaker Channel Select Speaker Made In Uk 12 Inch 8 Ohm Watt 8 Ohm 12 50W 8 Celestion G12-80 Rola 12 Alnico Speaker 8 Ohm 12 Inch Guitar Jensen C8r Amp Amplifier Footswitch Rola Celestion 10 Inch 8 Ohm 8 Ohm Guitar Amp Speaker Ceramic Speaker Weber Blue Dog Jensen P12n 8 Ohm Excellent 12 Inch 8 Ohms Guitar Loudspeaker Reverb Output Transformer Peavey Footswitch Speaker 16 Ohms Reverb Tank Guitar Speaker Pair Speaker 50 Watt 8 Ohm Celestion Seventy 80 12 Jensen P12q Hemp Fiber Cone Alnico Guitar Speaker Mesa Boogie Black Shadow 10 8 Ohms Footswitch Channel Celestion Vintage 30 8 Ohm Speaker 16Ohm Ohm Made In England 12 Guitar Speaker 16 Ohm Celestion Alnico Blue Twin Deluxe Vintage Eminence Jensen Jet Eminence Special Design Channel Select Reverb Mesa Boogie 6L6 Line 6 Flextone 2 Button Footswitch 12 Inch Alnico Watt 16 Ohm Jensen P10r Speaker Fender Utah 12 Speaker Recone Reverb Boost 12 8Ohms Inch Guitar Speaker Amp Logo Speakers 12 8 Ohm Celestion G12t 10 Inch Speaker 12 Speaker 8 Ohms G12m 25 Watt Celestion 16 Ohm Evm 12L Vintage 30 V30 8 Ohm Guitar Amp 12 100 Watt 1967 Jensen a very lightly used Randall Combo Amp. See pics If I have two shipping quotes then make sure to look at both to compare(Just click on the shipping quote) You will get the cheaper of the shipping quotes. Pulled from my vintage JCM 800 cabinet(which was driven by a 50 watt head) This speaker has never been over powered. There are obvious signs of age in the frame and paper, but those are entirely cosmetic, and wouldn't be seen when the speaker is mounted in a cabinet. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.

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