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Your son can continue to have a loving relationship with your boyfriend; however he deserves the opportunity to know the man who helped create him.

You can ask for and will probably get sole legal custody- all decision making power will be yours.

Brette's Answer: Most likely he will be entitled to some visitation since they have a right to know each other.

It is usually in the child's best interest to know his father.

Sole Physical Custody: The child resides with and under the supervision of one parent, subject to reasonable visitation by the other parent, unless the court determines that such visitation would not be in the best interest of the child.

Given these two variables, custody can be arranged in a number of ways.

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Cat's Question: My son is now 3 years old and his biological father has just now decided he wants to start visitation with him.

To start off, you first need to realize that there are two different types of sole custody.

Sole Legal Custody: One parent has the right and responsibility to make major decisions regarding the child’s welfare, including matters of education, medical care and emotional, moral and religious development.

Would my boyfriend have any rights in the say so of raising my son if he is identified by my son as daddy?

Also, what is the difference between termination of parental rights and sole custody physical and legal?

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