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Temperatures average above freezing throughout the year because of the Gulf Stream.Between 10, the Faroes were part of the Hereditary Kingdom of Norway, which was in a personal union with Denmark from 1450.That way they minimise the risk of leaving something out.Since even the tiniest samples contain large amounts of pollen, the scientists don’t need to go through vast amounts of material to get a general idea of the appearance of the landscape.This September she celebrates her five year anniversary with us.

”But with our low-magnification method we could study far more samples.The pollen finds would suggest so, but further studies and improved samples are required for a conclusive answer to that.Science Nordic will be keeping a close eye on their work and will keep you updated on the progress. A glance at history indicates the Norwegian archetypes have immigrant backgrounds. COMMENT: Private companies and public sectors collect our data every day and minute.It has long been speculated that Irish monks may have migrated north to the Faroe Islands long before the Vikings arrived there.But despite the tireless efforts of many scientists, nothing has yet been found which can prove that people lived on the Faroes before the time around year 800 AD. Over the past few years, scientists from Aberdeen University in Scotland have found something in early Faroese pollen samples that gives them a reason to rethink Faroese prehistory: cereal pollen. The researchers are sweating over soil samples and archaeological finds to unravel the mystery, but it’s not an easy task.

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