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We thought it was important to celebrate all of the types of love in our lives. ) people we know share the things they just can’t live without.

His first Serial Killer Speed Dating event made a killing — over 80 people showed up, many of them curious about how the event would work.

Abel said the idea came to him because he wanted to organize an event for Scare LA, a popular horror convention.

He thought a speed dating event would be perfect because it would introduce single attendees to dates who share a common interest in things that go bump in the night.

Abel began hosting similar events every few months to help bring single men and women out of their shells. After years of working with a theater group called Zombie Joes Underground, Abel saw firsthand how a good scare can bring a couple closer together and get new friends talking excitedly about how real the fake blood looks or what’s coming around the corner.

He said most attendees are 20-something or 30-something singles who feel drawn to the off-kilter, morbid, and comical tone of Serial Killer Speed Dating. “I’m heavily involved in the haunted house community in LA,” Abel told us, “and I love immersive theater.” It seemed only natural for the horror buff to combine a theatrical element with speed dating.

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