Dating iceland men

While I do hope that you guys are a tad smarter than the people who believe it, let’s still bust this ‘urban’ legend once and for all.

Now, there are two types of guys that message girls they don’t know: The first get an instant rejection, while the second at least get the benefit of the doubt.This is your ultimate guide to meeting and dating them.The myth that Iceland would pay ,000 month to foreigners willing to marry their women has been going around the Internet for a while now.The nice thing about people being so pro-gender equality (which, by the way, why wouldn’t you be… someone not well-versed in American culture and politics), is that you don’t get as many feminazis.How so, isn’t modern feminism the source of all that cringy militant stupidity that some ‘ladies’ have demonstrated? A society that is so many steps ahead in terms of normalizing women’s life choices and their right to do simply has no need for militant activists.

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