Dating in the dark player dating a first year medical resident

Looking back at it, I now know that I wasn't able to get serious with anyone because I was hung up on my ex. Even if you found love only to lose it, the impact it has on you stays with you. Our culture is set up in a way where being a provocative and even slutty man is not only acceptable, but celebrated. I just wish people wanted things that would help them, not hurt them. You've either never been in love and just don't yet know what you're missing -- which is fine, because eventually you will find love and being a player will lose its appeal. It shows us how beautiful life can be, just as losing it shows us how dark we can become.

If you disagree, take a look at some music videos and tell me again that I'm wrong. Or you're a player because you've been hurt, and are trying to convince yourself that you don't need love. Being a player is basically impossible once you find love.

Unlike most men, I'm very honest with my intentions.

When you're young and dumb and living in sin city, you're likely to start making rounds. So I'd go out, meet some girl that swears she's a model, party until the clubs close and stumble back home with her.

I enjoy the company of a woman, even if it's only for a night or two.

And not just for the cardio; I enjoy going out to dinner, having conversations, etc.

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