Dating ladies who smoke

And she wants to come over to my place sometime this week.

The problem is she has bad breathe because of smoking and am not sure if i should see her again or should just let her know about this.

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The benefits of not smoking and quitting far outweight continuing to smoke.We have had two great dates and our personalities click so far but the kissing part has been awful for me so far. I was a smoker, but my boyfriend was only the occasional 'cig after a few drinks' type.He was honest, and it's why I switched to vaping, with the goal to quit eventually.So if you're something special, then go sign-up and find me online or maybe someone better to your liking.Either way, you will be adding to the selection while searching for a real partner with similar hobbies or interests or weed preferences close to you. Don't do a free sign-up without pictures or some actual information about you. (because neither of you will remember meeting before - LOL...) Experience what it's like on a first date to actually light-up with your new friend and not be embarrassed about even bringing up the subject. No more sneaking around, both of you enjoying the movie stoned and then going for Dinner (munchies)? If not, maybe I can still help you narrow your search (so to speak). You may be interested in alternative sexual activities, or bondage maybe? It could be that you find yourself alone as a senior and seek some simple companionship..maybe sex is not so important, and you just seek new friends. Yep, here you can find dedicated websites for dating Italians, Asians, Germans, the French and even Filipino and Indian friends.

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