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He never made me wait or wonder, though, for the record. We talked all the time, and he was clear about his feelings from the start — quite a different trajectory than the spark-filled phenomenon I’d replicated many times before him.Before all this, I’d toyed with a lot of personal theories about “the spark” — whether great love can exist without it, if it was a manufactured product of my anxious attachment system, etc.Maybe anger and passion are similar enough emotions…I don’t know.But I do remember that he made me laugh in spite of myself and that a seed of something was planted that night.I knew we were being flirty, but I was kinda scared to make anything of it; we were working together again at the restaurant, and I didn’t want that to be awkward. (I know.) But finally I got the nerve up and just asked him out. We met at the library, where he was working at the time.I asked to check out some sheet music to some Broadway musical.I had an inexplicable feeling, as if I knew him — which was not possible, since we’d just met.

He was wearing this blue button-up, sitting behind his computer at his desk.With Allie, things were totally different than anyone else I’d ever dated.I always felt a little bored with other people and often couldn’t wait for dates to end. She initially thought I just wanted to be friends and didn’t clue into the fact that I wanted a lot more for a couple dates. We were both in grad school at the time; I had been hired to wait tables at a restaurant and had just gotten a tutoring position at the campus writing center.When I was introduced to him, he just kind of looked at me and barely said anything, while I was being my extra-bubbly self because it was my first day of work. I thought he hated me or was at least totally annoyed by me.Anyway, I thought he was cute, but not like drooling-ly so.

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