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Park Hill ( the most female-heavy neighborhood in Denver (85 males:100 females).I think that's because it's mostly African-American (56% African-American and it's the most heavily African-American neighborhood in Denver) and my guess is that a lot of Black men have left, while women stayed behind. I found a better breakdown of population statistics. src=bkmk It confirms your numbers: 300,089 males and 300,069 females, which is 10. Here's what it says: Age 20-24: Males: 23,450, Females: 24,238; ratio = 97 males:100 females Age 25-29: Males: 33,027, Females: 32,814; ratio = 101 males:100 females Age 30-34: Males: 29,434, Females: 27,555; ratio = 107 males:100 females Age 35-39: Males: 26,293, Females: 22,890; ratio = 115 males:100 females Age 40-44: Males: 21,852, Females: 18,728; ratio = 117 males:100 females Age 45-49: Males: 19,200, Females: 17,446; ratio = 110 males:100 females Age 50-54: Males: 18,077, Females: 17,753; ratio = 102 males:100 females Age 55-59: Males: 16,696, Females: 16,801; ratio = 99 males:100 females Age 60-64: Males: 13,645, Females: 14,601; ratio = 93 males:100 females Age 65-69: Males: 8,641, Females: 10,032; ratio = 86 males:100 females Age 70-74: Males: 5,911, Females: 7,569; ratio = 78 males:100 females What's weird is the extra men in the 30-50 range.I'd also bet that legalized marijuana has drawn more men than women to the area. It's rare to see equal numbers of men and women out at bars.There's been quite a few times when I've been out at bars, and I'll take a look around and realize that it's almost all guys.Dating Relationship is the Top Finest Global Dating Website Around. Meet International Singles Romantic Connections & Secure Dating.

Fw-300 .qstn-title #ya-trending-questions-show-more, #ya-related-questions-show-more #ya-trending-questions-more, #ya-related-questions-more /* DMROS */ .If you're a man that leaves the house it's pretty easy to meet women.There seems a disproportionate number of men looking for love on their laptops.This site [] indicates that the gender makeup of the total population of Denver in 2010 was 300,089 men versus 300,069 women, meaning almost exactly as many women as men. Your image indicates that all of Central Denver is male-heavy, but if the town in general is almost exactly even...where are these ladies at?Can you link to the neighborhood info you used (maybe I can find the ladies lair then), I'm having a stupidly tough time googling for it myself. you look at that link, it makes the ratios look closer to even (for example, it says that Capital Hill has a ratio of 10) - but that's because they're counting men and women of all ages.

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