Dating singer 301a sewing machine

These were very popular sewing machines, so slant shank attachments are still made today, even though slant shank machines are not.As you might guess, this machine also uses the 221/301 type bobbin.This was before planned obsolescence, and these sewing machines were built to last.Many have outlived their original owners and are still going.Have you ever seen a cute vintage sewing machine at Goodwill or Salvation Army?But then you're not sure if you should get it because you don't really know what you're doing?

In terms of manufacturing dates, they range from the early 1910s through the 1960s.Similarly, your modern sewing machine probably takes a standard 2020 needle (or 15x1 or HA1--these are all the same type of needle).Again, this is an industry standard set by the popularity of early Singer sewing machines.These shuttles are difficult to find and don't work as well as bobbins.Singer didn't necessarily manufacture the best sewing machines, but they were fantastic at marketing.

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