Dating sites in ksa

“Before I was married, I only saw my husband on the one-kilometer-square compound I lived on,” she wrote.

“Going anywhere outside of the compound would risk being deported.

The internet has opened new doors for single women in highly traditional societies, allowing them to chat with strangers discreetly from their homes, away from the eyes of family members.

Saudi Arabia currently has the world’s Nikia Johnson, who works for Whos Here, said in an email that Saudis use the app to make and meet new friends who are in their area or when traveling, as well as to chat and meet with people for dating purposes.

India is a little further along the dating-as-acceptable-social-practice spectrum, but safety and verification are still significant issues.

Though these two had not dated, the rest of the respondents had all either nearly been caught themselves, or had heard about less fortunate instances.

In their view, older generations are mostly unaware of such apps and disapprove of dating itself.

“Earlier, even Facebook was taboo,” wrote a 20-year-old Jeddah resident.

Cultural acceptance towards modern-day dating and the apps that accompany it falls along a spectrum. In places like India, urbanization and increasing use of technology are catalyzing new social and romantic trends.

And in Saudi Arabia, companies like Whos Here are trying to tap into a new market that the society doesn’t seem set up for.

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