Dating vox ac30 amps

It’s a British aural mix of scones, marmalade and tea—with a good solid kick to it.

The company that introduced Vox was known as Jennings Musical Instruments, or JMI, headquartered in Dartford (the hometown of Keith Richards, mates).

But they kept playing them as they hit it big, and as a result made the amp legendary.

Here’s how: Reg Clark, the manager of London’s Vox showroom, was visited by Beatles manager Brian Epstein in January 1963.

Through his career with the Jam, Weller never deviated from his trademark sound of a Rickenbacker guitar through an AC30—and live, a phalanx of them.

As a tribute, the complete box set of Jam recordings (“Direction, Reaction, Creation”) features a cover photo of Ricks leaning up against a cream-colored Vox AC30.

Most rock fans associate Pete Townshend with Marshall & Hiwatt amplifiers.

Clark secretly agreed, even though Vox owner Tom Jennings nixed the idea.It also had six inputs, two each for normal, brilliant or vibrato channels.Also popular: the AC30 "Super Twin" with a trapezoid-shaped head, its cabinet mounted on a trolley.The Vox guitar amplifier—and the AC30 model in particular—has played a storied role in popular music history.Before Marshall, Orange, Hiwatt, or any other beloved British amps hit the scene, Vox was there, defining in a very authentic sense the sound of the British Invasion.

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