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Most people assume that knowledge is the same as wisdom, and that by knowing more they will become more.

This is not the case, as they are forgetting a few steps.

Integration is like taking the skill that you've learned, and adding it to your personal tool belt, to be called upon automatically when it is needed.

It's when you take your learning focus off of a concept and go on to focus on something else yet still retaining 100% capability of using it.

I don't need to think about it or analyze it, I just do it because I know it works.

The great thing about integrating something is that your body begins to automate the process for you.

By clearing my emotions, such as when fear comes up, I am constantly training my body to release fear and eventually it begins to release fear by itself without me doing anything!

Practice is the act of taking what you know and acting on it.

As advanced and smart as our minds are, they are no substitute for the real world.

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