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The main idea of the correspondence should be to develop a special relationship with a foreign lady, not to purchase one.

We would like you to be aware of the risks that you might get in contact with a lady who will ask for money because of one reason or another.

Men will send money only to never hear from the girl again.

The one negative thing about Internet dating with women from any country is the scam. A SCAM is obtaining money by means of lies and deception.

Our free Pickup Meetups can offer you a solution to forget your problems, defeat your fears and with great motivation and new friends become confident in communication and dating with women. Don’t stall with your problems, because the longer you procrastinate the harder will they be to solve.

If you have been doing pickup for a while now, then you must’ve noticed that even though you can reach smaller and shorter successes, but having a lasting, long term change in your life can only be achieved with hard work and time. Have a vision about where do you want to be and what do you want to do in half a year, but focus on the short term goals like: The main thing is: TODAY!

If you are asked for money after a short time of correspondence, it should set of an , and you should be cautious, so you avoid becoming a victim of scam.

(Large or small) You should know that we are serious agency and understand that only honest hard work will ensure that we stay in the business.When you pay with the credit card, your money "leaves a trail".IF SOMEONE TRIES TO PRESSURE YOU TO SEND MONEY, PLEASE, CONTACT US RIGHT AWAY.If we see such a request (exception: covering her travel expenses when you are coming to ukraine and she is from another city) - the lady's profile is removed from our database and agency...But sometimes problems do occur - like anywhere else in the world, there are honest and dishonest ladies.

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