Divorce dating effects children

Children in school, no matter the age, may see a decline in their academic performance.

Their grades may slip, and they may refrain from participating in any recreational or after-school sports or activities because they are distracted by what is going on at home.

This is especially true if the parents involve the children in the animosity that exists between them, as opposed to civilly co-parenting the children.

Children may also feel like they are to blame for the divorce, and they may become confused as to which parent they're expected to be loyal to.

Children of divorced parents are more likely to suffer academically or to end up in trouble with the law later on.

Of course, not all children of divorce react to the situation the same way, but divorce and children statistics show that the odds of a child suffering more long-term effects of his or her parents splitting up are rather high.

However, seeing his parents together only fuels his fantasy that they will one day reunite, and his family will again be whole.

Remarriage Remarriages can be another trying situation for a child.

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