Dla backdating rules Azeri vidochat seks

The date your claim will start depends on how and when you claim HB or CTS.

For HB and CTS we normally start your claim from the Monday after you first made contact with us or the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), but only if you return a properly completed claim form within one month of us issuing it.

Then look at ways of managing your money to cope with a lower income. If you get DLA and your claim has an end date, you’ll be asked to claim PIP before your DLA ends.

If you get DLA and your claim does not have an end date, you can be asked to claim PIP at any time.

However, it’s important to be sure you’re able to pay the money back or you could end up in debt.

If you are borrowing money to pay off debts, or to pay essential household bills or rent, you should get some free debt advice to find out how you can get back on track.

Or use the postcode finder on the Child Poverty Action Group website which lists the local welfare schemes in your area, regardless of whether you have children or not.If you disagree with a benefits decision you are allowed to ask for the decision to be looked at again. You must ask for this within one month of the date on your decision letter by: Explain why you think their decision is wrong and send copies of any further evidence you’ve got if you think it will help your case.When the DWP has looked at your decision again, they will send you two copies of a document called a mandatory reconsideration notice to let you know the outcome of the reconsideration.You can only appeal against a disability benefits decision when you’ve received a mandatory reconsideration notice.To appeal you need to send the following to HM Courts & Tribunals Service (the address is on the form): If your award is reduced or stopped, DWP will continue to pay your existing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for at least four weeks to give you additional, limited support.

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