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Except for one minor little detail that you can’t stop stressing about—he never texts you first.

It hurts my feelings.” If he’s the good guy you thought he was, he’ll stop his offensive actions ASAP.

Men are wired to hunt.” Young recommends not being available 24/7, so stop texting him first!

If he starts initiating the convos, awesome—you’ll know he is interested. Unless (and this is a big “unless”) there are other ladies around. Chatting it up with other women while you’re around him is totally rude, but there’s the possibility that he doesn’t even it as flirting. Let him know that it’s not cool to flirt in front of you— and be sure to use the word “flirt” so that he knows how you view it.

“It's hard sometimes, especially when you like someone and feel a connection.

However, it is vital to allow the man to pursue you.

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