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At weekends and national holidays, the town crier can be seen in the main square and around the Minster.The legacy and position of the town crier date back to the Civil War.

The bonfire and pyrotechnics display is held each year in the grounds of St Michael's Church of England Middle School and is well supported by many thousands of people from the town, Colehill village and the surrounding area.

(The Game Over screen tells him he'll be all right.) I'm not going to be all right, what the fuck was that?!

Joel: (in a funny Scandinavian accent) "Do you dare enter the mountain cabin of Wintersand, and get the Spade of Fiingilduuf?

The town has a large civil war reenactment society, which performs every year. The market is held on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

It was previously located in the town centre but moved out several years ago to a site on the edge of town to accommodate its size.

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