Dst not updating

Give the ring to your soulmate, this allows the carrier of the ring to teleport to you.

For you to teleport to them, they will need to craft and give you a ring too. This mod is abandoned as of today, I wont be updating this or any other DST mods, if anyone wants to grab it then you are free to do so, just give me credits for the mod. If you are a ghost haunt the bones under the shelter to be resurrected.

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This view anomaly occurs because the default is a zone west of the secondary and Outlook takes into consideration that DST goes into effect in the earlier time zone and adjusts the times using the wrong offset.

There are also display issues when the time zones switch to or from daylight saving time on different dates.

Opening the appointment will show the correct time.

) Try to disable the small textures works if you're experiencing crashing with this mod. Ver1.03 for DSTDetailed stats Health: 90Hunger: 100Sanity: 90Speed: * 1.35Attack: *0.8Insulation: 60Sanity Multiplier Dark: * 0.1Monster: * 1.8Inventory Gold nugget * 1All color gems * 1------------------------Run... Cons: Darkness and Monsters drain sanity more than others. You can join ANY server and it'll still be working.[img]https://... Options: Stack size: set max stack size for your equipments (default: 10)Drop whole stack: drop whole stack when your weapon are slippery. [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/4MDIt YK.png[/img]Are ye ready to cut their bloody necks? The color of the lights can be changed in mod confi...*****Update for Return of Them. It also adds green/blue berries, pineapples, and...

There is a daylight saving time display "bug" that affects both Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac.

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