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Getting haunted by a familiar dwarf produces a strong negative thought as well.(Note that the relationships screen is mouse-enabled.) Dwarves can have Uncles, Aunts, Nieces, Nephews and Cousins listed as relationships.

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* - It doesn't look like units begin socializing with same tile or diagonally adjacent units.These begin as passing acquaintances, who will then become long-term acquaintances (if the two aren't too compatible, but not too incompatible) or friends (if the two dwarves are compatible enough).Dwarves who are too incompatible may instead form grudges.As two dwarves accumulate these chats, they will form opinions of each other, based on a 'compatibility' score.Dwarves who like similar things (such as elephants), have the same skills (such as two miners), or who have similar personalities will form friendships.

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