Eve online stuck updating character

A workaround I use, and have used since Sisi is as follows: Hit ESC and bring up the options screen.Tab around a few of these screens and after a few seconds the character creator should nudge into action. Making a new character (empty slot) takes me to the character creator immediately. Edit: after selecting race, bloodline and gender the swirly thing keeps swirling and the thing hangs again. Client doesn't crash, and I'm still able to log off or quit (esc menu works fine)E8400 cpu, 8800gtx graphics card, so those are fine... Specs: Windows 7 x64, Intel i7 920, 3Gb RAM, NVidia 275 GTXTrying to re-create an existing character gives me the loading bar and the never ending black screen.

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if i alt tab in and out, i just get a black screen, the game menu doesn't show up if i hit esc.The swirly thing keeps spinning, and there it stays.If I try to use the character creator with an existing character, it doesn't get past the first progress bar.To whit:1) I can log into the game fine;2) At the character select screen, the character portraits of both characters show the generic "no picture" picture (as seen in my avatar to the left). I get the pop-up saying I have the option of doing Char Gen. At the half-way point it slows to a crawl (something choking?), then slowly over 5 minutes goes to full;5) things sit there for another 5 minutes.

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