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Apple claims that it intended to provide the application free of charge, however, a provision of the Sarbanes–Oxley Act (2002) bars companies from providing an unadvertised new feature of an already-sold product without enduring "onerous accounting measures".AT&T allowed customers to use Face Time as long as they were tiered, but blocked the application from working for customers with unlimited data plans.

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If a second user calls and the user answers, the video chat with the previous user ends and a new video session begins with the second caller.

The i OS 7 betas limited Face Time Audio to calls placed on a Wi-Fi network (the same original limitation of the video version of Face Time), but the final release has removed that restriction to allow it to work over 3G and LTE data connections, as is the case with most carriers and plans with regard to Face Time with video.

Like the video version, Face Time Audio is currently only available between Apple devices.

The Face Time protocol is based on numerous open industry standards Upon the launch of the i Phone 4, Jobs stated that Apple would immediately start working with standards bodies to make the Face Time protocol an "open industry standard".

While the protocols are open standards, Apple's Face Time service requires a client-side certificate.

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