Failed updating entry in message tracking store no documents found

Internet sites issue Technote #1095102: How to trap inbound SMTP messages on a Domino server Technote #1104959: Restricting inbound SMTP mail to users listed in the Domino Directory Technote #1090405: How to stop incoming mail addressed to just the last name Technote #1093342: Attachments to messages received from the Internet are named as SMTP outbound issues: Technote #1568052: Using Telnet to test outbound mail.

It is suggested to test from the OS of the affected sever Technote #1420956: One stop shop for troubleshooting Domino and DNS Technote #1417504: Anti Virus running on operating system Technote #1088993: Trapping outbound SMTP MIME information Router/issues (NRPC mail routing): Technote #1390024: Duplicate mails received when email is addressed to user in "To" field and group is listed in "cc" field, where user is a member of the group Technote #1406895: Duplicate mail received if 'To' field lists group and 'cc' field lists group member's Internet address Technote #1571899: One stop shop for troubleshooting disappearing messages Technote #1571485: Dead Messages in Technote #1216631: Mail is not routing and 'Waiting for Directory Availability' appears repeatedly on the server console Journaling issues Technote #1207651: Configuring System Mail Rules and Mail Journaling Technote #1230699: Inbound Internet mail for multiple users is journaled multiple times Message tacking issues: Technote #1165592: What is Message Tracking (aka MTC, Mail Tracker Collector) and how is it used?

Technote #1182271: Incorrect results from Message Tracking Center (MTC) reports Technote #1221830: How to recreate the Message Tracking Store database and MTDATA subdirectory Technote #1238727: Error: 'MT Collector: Failed updating entry in message tracking store Technote #1516042: Error: 'MT Collector: Failed updating entry in message tracking store...' No documents Found Message recall: developer Works Article: Using the Message Recall feature in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino V8 Technote #1266480: How to determine why a particular message could not be recalled Technote #1431589: If a message is recalled, will anyone know message recall took place?

Hi again, I've already opened a thread with our message-tracking-problem. The problem is, that we receive lots of "MT Collector: Failed updating entry in message tracking store: [inmsgid]=OFDA329796.

I can correct the problem with shutting down the mtc task, delete the current .When a new version is available, you will get a prompt about a Woodford update.You can select UPDATE, wait until Woodford is updated, and restart it.Second section deals with the setup of Woodford, mainly its installation and the differences between standalone and imported solution.Third section describes the administration possibilities: how project administration works, maintaining the security policies, license administration and other Woodford’s functionality.

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