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|` where `T` and `U` are the element type of the actual container and the expected container, respectively.For example, to compare two `Foo` containers where `Foo` doesn't support `operator==` but has an `Equals()` method, one might write:| `MATCHER_P2(Is Between, a, b, std::string(negation ?

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A third way is to use the With structure with Nil as the parent, but in this case, Free() must be called explicitely: Application is declared in the forms unit. Here's how to display the radio button currently selected, if any: Delphi supports static and dynamic arrays.

a DPK master file along with one or more PAS files to be compiled into DCUs and aggregated in a single BPL file that will be registered into the IDE.

Note that design-time packages and run-time packages are two different beasts: The former adds itself to a palette in the IDE and provides an interface to access its properties, routines, and events; The latter is used by applications that were compiled with run-time packages, ie. Some BPLs are both design-time and run-time, so I guess they have a switch somewhere in the code that lets me act differently depending on the context.

In addition to individual packages, it is possible to create a package collection (DPC) to make it easier to distribute the different files that make up a package. This type of file requires a Package Collection Editor (PCE), which is a source file used to define a DPC file.

A DPC file is created through Tools A typical Delphi GUI program is a set of units (*.

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