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Such as when she won against Fawkes in the guild war and then slept with him out of confidence, or when she accidently caused Wade to fall down the stairs, to which she said "Dude, I just owned that guy!

" Every episode starts off showing Codex talking to her webcam in her room, explaining the situation from the last episode.

In the season finale of season 3, Cyd had an hallucination that she was talking to Codex, and Codex explained to her that the reason she was losing the battle on the game was that she was playing too much like Cyd, when she should be playing like Codex.

After this, Cyd gained the personality of Codex temporarily and started standing up to everyone in her guild while beating down her opponent.

She is almost never seen wearing skirts since her main choice is jeans.

Although "Cyd Sherman" likes to dress modestly, her in-game counterpart, Codex, is the complete opposite. She often doesn't try things because she thinks she will always fail at them.

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The actual Codex, Cyd's alter-ego, is the complete opposite of Cyd. She is very prideful and often thinks of other people as losers.The next morning, she apologizes for the punch to the head, but says it's only because she's protective of her son.She explains that a few days ago, she went to go give Zaboo his bath, but he was no where to be found, and he didn't answer his cellphone, so she had to track him down by microchip.The next day, the situation gets worse as they find out that Bladezz has created a video of The Knights of Good being naked and doing it. The next day, they call Bladezz to Cheesy-Beards and Codex reveals numerous, embarrassing, girly photos of Bladezz when he took a part time job modeling to help pay for college, curtousy of Zaboo's research skills, and threatens to post the photos everywhere on campus if Bladezz doesn't transfer all of the gold back to the guild bank.Bladezz finally gives in and goes back to the Knights of Good and continues helping the guild.

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