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Here are some questions to consider: DIY security offers you the freedom to select from a bunch of different features, prices and styles.

But, staring at a sea of options can be really confusing if you haven't already sorted through what matters to you and what doesn't.

Remote and local storage are really a matter of preference, but some cameras, like the give you both options.

It's also common to pay an optional subscription fee (usually monthly) for cloud storage.

Many also offer web apps so you can log in on your laptop to view the same video feed or tweak your settings.

The app interface is pretty important because it's your main point of access to your camera.

The Netgear Arlo Go camera works over a cellular network (today, compatibility is limited to AT&T Enterprise customers) and Canary's Flex has an optional Verizon 4G LTE mount.

The majority of DIY security cameras today operate on your home Wi-Fi network.

Webcams are often lumped under the security camera category because many of them offer some security features, but I would argue that they're pretty limited if your as examples.

Both let you view a live video feed on your phone wherever you have an internet connection, but Nest Cam won't alert you every time a potential security issue takes place (such as when the built-in sensors detect motion, etc.), whereas the View gives you a ton of customizability so you can receive alerts every time something happens, if that's what you want.

That means that you need to situate them within range of your home's router or wireless access point to function properly.

This also means that an interruption to your Wi-Fi signal, whether due to spotty service or an electrical outage will keep your camera from working.

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