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It was easier for me, the head of the club willingly went to the meeting and no problems were foreseen.

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Having specified the alignment - a voucher, accommodation, meals paid for - I agreed. I am 36 years old, long dark hair, of small stature. No children, although very much with her husband want.

The male team at school was reduced to the caretaker-drunkard and the ancient watchman. The car pulled out onto the road, and with the last blink of red eyes, drove away. I am a teacher of the discipline "Programming" in one of the universities of Russia.

Enjoying the beautiful sunny weather, leisurely reached the desired building of dark red color. A couple of times he saw the "bottle", other times it was "the truth or the case." All this seemed ridiculous to him and he did not want to participate, so he did not react in any way to the girls' attempts to get his attention. “Girls, what do you know about this guy who lives in that room?

Habitually taking the pass in a small window, cheerfully went to the meeting room. A solid headache, especially since we don’t have to buy this in our town, we had to dangle in Koenig.

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And besides the obvious questions about health, the search for work and an apartment, I wondered why suddenly their well-established family life went downhill, and whether there were chances for reconciliation. After the dramatic events in the night train, I didn’t get enough sleep and felt overwhelmed. Not so many years ago, a twenty-two-year-old boy joined us. My main master Vitaly looked at the pictures, clarified something somewhere. I then studied at the fourth year, and after couples I trained children in the section of hand-to-hand combat in the same school that I had once graduated from. We often work with materials that are more expensive than standard-class apartments and the quality of work must be appropriate.The meeting proceeded rapidly, with mutual complaints, and lasted until late. The gates opened, and a snow-white, but slightly muddy “Audyukha” rolled into the box. As a bolt from the blue came the final understanding: I am a sucker, schmuck and a loser! Behind the wheel of a young blonde with a beautiful fuck.

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