Frumster dating

My response was, “of course.” I knew that the relocation would be challenging and that keeping all our children happy might be tough, but I know that what we have is so real that we can navigate things together.

I liked his answers and thought there was potential. Here I am meeting this nice woman for the first time.

I went back on Frumster and I remembered some very friendly conversations with Judy–the things we had in common, like being disc jockeys in college.

Judy: Shortly before the three weeks he contacted me again and asked if I was seeing anyone.

I drove him to the airport on Sunday afternoon and he didn’t indicate whether or not he would call me again. We had a fabulous Shabbos with the best food I ever had and I met her wonderful loving family.

On Motzai Shabbos we were at a romantic outdoor garden on the banks of the Hudson River, sipping drinks, and Judy mentioned that she knew someone I had dated in the past and had some questions. I was surprised at what a small world it is and that everybody seems to know each other.

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